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Happy Monday gang. It’s the holiday season and it is time for giving. Today’s post features some, maybe not so fun or elaborate type gifts, but fantastic ones to give all the same. In fact, they are of so much importance that I even gave them to myself. With four kiddos and a dog running around this house, let’s just say our floors get real dirty, real fast. And then we clean them, and they get really dirty, really fast all over again….so, in steps Walmart Home and we find ourselves a couple of awesome little gizmos and gadgets to help us keep the floors clean and we are in business!! So I have been thinking that the best kind of gifts are not necessarily the flashy or fancy ones, but the ones that you will use over and over again. Lucky for all of us, Walmart Home has an array of these types of gifts and so much more. I linked the vacuum and hardwood floor power-mop that we now have and also linked a few other items that I think would make excellent gifts! So, just as a reminder, when thinking of what to get those you love and care for, don’t always go for the flashy stuff, remember that the gifts of substance and function are what really make a difference! Have a great week yall!!





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