Colors and More Colors

Lately, I am loving different pops of color mixed together.  For example, I decided to accent this bright red dress with an orange purse, pink bracelets, and purple lips.  These aren’t colors that I would put together on an everyday basis, but they worked perfect for this bright outfit.  I can’t wait to start mixing more colors and prints as soon as I can buy more clothes again after this little boy comes out.  I am thinking I may have to have a little post pregnancy shopping spree.  We will see, I may be a little preoccupied with two cute little boys.  

dress: ASOS
shoes: Steve Madden
bag: c/o Lauren Cecchi
bracelets: c/o Sugar Blossom (here, here & here)
x ring: c/o SLDesigns
sunnies: 7 For All Mankind via c/o Nordstrom Rack
lips: Dior (pink caprice) and Whitening Lightning Gloss (tutorial soon)

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