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Hey guys! Happy holiday season from our family to yours! I hope each of you are enjoying the holidays so far and being able to spend some time with those you love most. Today, I am stoked to be teaming up with Bloomingdale’s to talk about some of the gifts I snagged for Brod for Christmas. Sometimes shopping for the men in your life can be a bit tricky, but I must say at Bloomingdale’s it easy breezy.
I think there are a couple of keys when it comes to shopping for the men in your life. First, know what they like and what they don’t like. Pretty simple right but this is key because it relates directly to the second key which is this….know the current trends and new products that they could potentially like, based on what you already know they like. Does that make sense? Once you have a good feel for what your guys like, you can then take some chances and surprise them with gifts that they weren’t expecting but are still on point with their taste and style.
This is exactly what I did with Brod at Bloomingdale’s. I know that he is sneaker junkie and absolutely loves sneakers. But instead of sticking to Nike or Adidas, the brands he usually buys for himself, I surprised him with a pair of APL sneakers, which are so hot right now and something that he wasn’t expecting. The result…he loved them! And I know he really does love them because he continues to wear them. Also, I know that working out and staying fit is a big part of Brod’s daily routine and daily life, so I knew that anything relating to that routine/lifestyle would probably be a good gift. So what did I find at Bloomingdale’s? The new B&O Play headphones by Bang & Olufsen!! Right up his alley…wireless, high-quality sound headphones that he can wear while working out or throw them in while he is working. And I must say that these hit the jackpot with him as well!!

So, to recap, know what the men in your life sincerely like and are interested in. From there, go somewhere like Bloomingdale’s, where the brand and product selection is fantastic, and is a place where the current trends and most up to date products are going to be found. From there, find some gifts for your guys that they aren’t expecting, while still basing your selects on what they like and could potentially like!! I hope this helps as you are out getting your shop on for those special dudes in your life. Thanks for following and I love you all!!

*Thanks to RewardStyle and Bloomingdale’s for sponsoring this post.


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