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Hello loves! So I know it’s not Throwback Thursday, it’s only Tuesday, but I am taking it back in time anyway. Today’s post is from one of our favorite days in Kapalua! We spent the day on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and then went searching for sea turtles…and let me tell you seeing them in real life, in the wild, was so magic. The boys loved it, and so did Brod and I, it was seriously so cool to see these giant, amazing creatures swimming and floating with the incoming tide right below our feet! The boys kept calling the turtles “crush” from Finding Nemo, and they got so excited each time one of the sea turtles surfaced and looked towards us. Maui is such an awesome place and spending that much time on the beach, and in the ocean, and on an island like that, gives us a chance to see and experience things that we never would back home. I think that is one of my favorite parts of traveling, seeing new things/places that remind us that there is so much out there, bigger than us, more beautiful and interesting than we would have ever known. As you can tell from the pics below, the boys were pretty much in heaven the entire trip, and I love the little surfer beach bums that they have become this summer. As for the swimsuit I am wearing, and the boys looks, I have linked them all below, so check them out!! Happy Tuesday to each of you! I love you all!!

swimsuit top (another top option) | swimsuit bottom | shorts | sandals | sunnies | earrings

Hanes’ look: swim trunk | shoes |

Arrow’s look: swim shorts | shirt | shoes |


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