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Hello loves! Ok, so I don’t know if anyone else feels this way where they live but I swear I was melting today. It went from warm and springy/nice summer to holy hanna its so freaking hot today! I think we hit 90 degrees here in Utah today and it was one of those days that I could not cool down. Seriously I felt like I was sitting on a seat warmer all day! Any who, yeah I was hot and if you were feeling like it was a mid-summer scorcher today…just know that you were not alone. Ok, so today’s post is all about this dress. It just hit the shop last week and is a dress for absolutely all occasions. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it with no shoes in Maui like I did hear, throw it on with some heels for a night out, or put some sneakers on and keep it casual. This is the dress I will be wearing this summer…ova and ova and ova again. It is super comfy and I love the sheer detail of the bottom of it, keeps it feeling light and summery (not a word, but that’s ok). It fits pretty true to size and is ready for all ya’ll at the shop right now!! Speaking of the shop, I would love your feedback…what pieces do you like? Why and why not? How are the price points? What else are you looking for from us at caralorenshop? We have some exciting products and pieces that will coming out all summer, and I am going to continue to stick to our vision and strategy we have as a team for the shop, but I would love your feedback? More dresses? More tees? More casual? More dressy? Let me know your thoughts!! Thanks babes. And thank you for following! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I love you all!


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  1. I love everything in your shop! I’ve been a fan of yours since you were pregnant with Arrow… Hanes was so little back then!! I was so excited when you first opened your shop because I love your style!!! I recently moved to the South and it is well over 100* and not even June yet!! One of my favorite pieces is the Black Bridget Bomber all because of that smiley face!! I wore it on a cross country road trip and will have memories for life from wearing that. You can never have enough smiles!! Please consider a sleeveless top with a smiley face on it.. it could be a small smiley on a corner edge or a big sketch drawing on the front or something. I love bright colors too for summer. I recently found a purse from viva consuela ( if you haven’t seen this shop before check it out! Love their products and logo “Make today ridiculously awesome” which they print inside their products and the one I got has a tiny smiley and its just so cute and perfect and helps cheer me up if I have a stressful day. Other than that, anything geared for hot weather oh and also some new baby and kid prints, pink tanks with pineapples and lime green tanks with a sunshine face with purple star sunglasses or something fun!! Ha ha ..oh, LOVE the baby rompers too! The “CL” is a huge favorite of mine. The kids pants weren’t stretchy enough material for us but worked great for the sweatshirts! I think unisex tanks would be a great idea for toddlers then they can be mixed and matched easily for anyone or for hand-me-downs for double the fun!! Thanks so much for all your hard work! Love following your family and all the great things you guys do. PS Love my Ostrich case and mindful journal too, maybe you could sell something like that in the shop too other colors? I thought it was neat the one kids print is an ostrich too!! Or do a few things for a Men’s section too!! Something golf related maybe? Ha ha anyways, keep up the great work!! Love it!!

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