Maternity In White

Hello loves! Happy Friday, or as Brod would refer to it as “mandatory golf friday.” Seriously, he really refers to it as that! That is the man I live with forever haha!

Ok, so today’s post features the pics from our maternity shoot with my amazing sis-in-law Kailey Rae Photo! We just took these a few nights ago, and I mentioned this before, but at first I was not in the mood to do this shoot! I was being super lazy and just wasn’t feeling doing a maternity shoot this time around…but wow I am so glad we did it! I love the way these turned out and I am so happy that I have these to celebrate baby girl in my tummy! I love my family so much and am so excited to see Hanes and Arrow as big brothers to a baby sister! As I look at these pics, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for family. It really is what life is all about and I am so happy to know I have these boys and Brod and baby girl forever. I hope you guys like them! If not, I will punch in the face haha…jk, jk, but for reals! I have linked our looks below, so you can checkout details there! Happy weekend to all of you! Thanks for following! I love you all!!

P.S. Sorry there are 5476 pics, I didn’t feel like taking any out haha!


Brody’s outfit: top | jeans | boots 

Hanes’ outfit: shirt | shorts | socks | shoes 

Arrow’s outfit: top | shorts | shoes 



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  1. These are stunning! Where are your gold bracelets from? Also when you get your hair cut what do you ask for specifically to get those bangs? I love them!

  2. Ok ummmm IM OBSESSED!! These pictures are absolutely STUNNING!! Your dress, your family, your hair, you!! Everything is beautiful and I’m soooo excited and happy for your family getting a little baby girl!! xoxox

  3. Your dress is so perfect that I’ve been scouring the internet for it (it’s sold out on ASOS) and I can’t find it on eBay or anywhere else. But via Pinterest, I saw your maternity pic and followed the link and it had a dress for sale for about $50. That seemed too low for that dress. That’s when I wondered if you had given permission to them to use your photos and if I ordered the dress, would it even be the same one? I’m going to leave the link here for you in case someone is using your images without your permission.

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