Back to School Looks


School has officially started. Wowsers. Fastest summer on record. In the history of mankind. With back to school comes back to school outfits, and for some crazy reason our boys seem to have a very strong opinion lately on what they want to wear. Actually, truth be told, they have both always cared about what they wear since I can remember! Maybe it’s because of what Brod and I do for a living or maybe they are like their mom and dad and seem to dig clothes a little too much. Whatever their reasons might be, because of their interest in what they wear, Brod and I kind of let them pick most of their outfits for back to school this year. With the selection and variety of styles and brands at Nordstrom, it is so easy for them to find what they want and what fits their “style.” Brod and I often gently guide them to brands and pieces we like but we let them lead in making the final decisions. I must say I love what they picked out for this upcoming year and let’s be honest, I think they would both rock pretty much whatever and still look so handsome!! Maybe that’s me being biased as their mom, or maybe they are both just good looking dudes. I have linked their looks below so you check out the details! Happy Monday to all of you!

      Hanes’ outfit: top | pants | shoes 

Arrow’s outfit: top | shorts | shoes 

My outfit: dress | sandals | sunnies


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