More dresses for the summa’

Hey loves! Happy humpday to each of you! I am going to be short and sweet today because we have a busy day full of shoots, swimming, and some fun with the fam! Today, over at caralorenshop, we launched the Darla Dress. It comes in 3 different colors (one of them being the blue I am wearing below) and is perfect for summer days and summer nights. It’s lightweight, works well with a bump, or without a bump, and is easy to style and pair to create a variety of looks. They are going fast, so head over to the shop asap!!

We also launched this patterned Kimono today! It’s such a great add-on piece and can be worn with a ton of different looks. It’s one of those pieces that completes or finishes a look and can also be used as a light coverup/jacket, like I did here. Both these pieces are under $30 so seriously what are you waiting for? Go get ’em! Thank you all for following! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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