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Happy Monday loves! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the new week! So a bunch of you have asked about my favorite baby products…well, in response to those questions, here they are! These are products that I have used, as well as some that I haven’t yet used but look forward to doing so! I hope this helps and sheds some light and insight on some of my favorite baby products as we prepare for baby girl to arrive. They are linked below so you can check them out! Have a great Monday and I love you all!!!

  1. changing pad (i actually switched and decided to go with this one instead!) : I decided to go with the Hatch Baby changing pad instead because for the same price it included a scale to weigh the baby and some other cool feature on their app!
  2. Lollipop baby monitor: I’m still waiting for this to get here in the mail but I have heard amazing things about it! I will share more on my inta story once I get it and put it into action. I had to get another monitor because Arrow has been using this one here and I like having it in his room too much so I decided to get a different one for baby!
  3. Ava bracelet: This product is so awesome!! I wish I would have know about it sooner but have been using it for the past little bit and love it!
  4. baby wrap
  5. toy stroller: This was a piece that I had to have haha, and i simply because it’s the cutest thing ever and I can’t wait for her to use it!
  6. house crib: I used this same crib for a little bit with Arrow and I just loved it so much that I saw no need to get a different one for her! It has so much character and is so cute!
  7. Dr. Brown’s bottles: Both of my boys have had super upset tummies and acid reflux so I decided to get some Dr. Brown’s bottles because I heard they are amazing for that!
  8. Doona carseat/stroller combo: I am so excited to use this carseat/stroller combo! The second I saw it I knew I had to get it for this baby. The ease of having two in one and not always stressing if there is a stroller in my car is huge for me! Some other strollers I am looking at getting her for when she is a tiny older or needs something different are here, here, here and here!
  9. Gathre mat: Honestly this just seemed so convenient to have and I had tons of people suggest it!
  10. Como Tomo bottles: I got so many awesome reviews from you guys on these bottles so I had to snag a couple! I have heard they are just simple to use and also easy for the babies to hold on their own when they are a little older!
  11. Fawn Diaper bag: I had to include my absolute favorite diaper bag! Here is the bag I designed with Fawn as well! I have used this bag during baby stages and after as well!
  12. Snoo bassinet: Ahh i seriously am so excited about this bassinet! I have heard it’s worth every penny and mommies swear by it! I will keep you updated on what I think once she get’s here!
  13. DockATot: This is also something that I had so many suggestions to snag! I never had one with my boys so I’m super excited to use it!
  14. Binkie: Cutest little binkies and teethers, I’m hoping she takes these instead of the huge awful binkies haha!
  15. Owlet: This is a product I had to have with this baby! I’m hoping this will help give me piece of mind and I will actually be able to sleep a little bit at night this time around haha.
  16. Willow breast pump: Hands free pump sounds like literally the best thing ever invented haha. I was not a fan of pumping with my boys and I’m hoping this will make the whole process a little easiest and not so annoying. I love the idea of still being able to work while pumping!
  17. Plum & Sparrow moses basket:  I wanted to have a cute little place to put here when we are all out in our family room and kitchen hanging out and this was the cutest ever! I also got this stand/rocker that is a must to go with the basket!

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