Chunky Sneaks

Hey babes. It’s Friday ya’ll. That is big time. I love me some Fridays. You know what else I love? This freaking t-shirt dress!! Or as Brod woud call it, “Shaq’s shirt.” He is such a nerd but he literally calls the dress by that name…and when asked why, he simply stated, “because not only it is his size, but something that he could picture Shaq wearing haha!” Whatever you want to call it, I prefer calling it a t-shirt dress, but nonetheless, whatever this particular piece is called, one thing is for sure. I love it and wear it often. It is so comfy and so easy to pair with a variety of different types of shoes, and so easy to accessories in different ways to produce a variety of looks. For today’s post, as you can see, I thought I would bring in a unique kind of swag and mix up my look with a pair of chunky sneakers. Chunky sneakers are kind of one of  “the things” in the fashion world right now and seem to be trending in a big way. I dig em, I don’t wear them as often as I do other types of sneakers and shoes, but you know what…maybe today is going to change that a bit?! Maybe I am going to make chunky sneakers a staple in my wardrobe for the upcoming fall season? I know I love how they turned out in this look and I started looking at a bunch more online that I like and have linked them below! Alright loves, as I said earlier, it’s Friday and I got stuff to do, as I am sure you all do! Thanks for following! Have a wonderful weekend! Love to each of you!!! Be safe.


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