Summer Weather in the Fall

Hey gang.

So here’s the thing, summer has come to a close but summer weather has not. Fall is here, school has started, it’s football season, the leaves are changing colors, and yet it is still so flippin’ hot! I’m not complaining though, the longer the warmer weather, the better. And if summer lasting longer means that fall lasts longer too and somehow we skip winter, then all the better haha! As I sit and type this, it really is crazy to think that we are now into September and before we know it, we will have a baby girl, Hanes will be turning 7 (how? what?), and we will be dressing up for Halloween. Like whoa?! Take it easy time. For now the boys and I will continue to dress for summer-like weather and we are going to continue to soak in our time enjoying the sunshine and playing outside. Of course Brod is in heaven, because his obsession with golf and playing that sport is continuing along at a frantic pace with this weather. Hanes has also been quite the busy bee with sports as of the past few weeks. He loves to golf with his dad, and is playing both soccer and flag football each week. I remember when Brod and I would talk about the time that would soon be here that Hanes was involved in sports and playing in actual leagues and stuff. Well that time has arrived, and it has been so cool to see him play and practice different sports and see which ones he likes and watch him go out and compete and have fun with sports. So yeah, needless to say, fall is here and we are busy. But I love it. I love this wonderful life and am so filled with gratitude for the opportunity to experience it. Thank you all for being part of it and I hope that each and everyone of you wake up each day and strive to enjoy it. May we all do our best to be our best and show love to all we can. Thanks for following. I love you all!!

dress | sandals | phone caseĀ 

Arrow’s outfit: shirt | shorts | shoes

Hanes’ outfit: similar shirt | shorts | socks | shoes


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