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Hey gang. I hope this post finds you in good spirits! So, as you know, life has changed a bit around here with the arrival of little miss Echo. Changed for the better in ways I cannot even count, but also changed in the sense that our routine of getting ready and out the door is not so swift anymore. Let’s just say that 3 kiddos is a little bit of a game changer in terms of pace and to do’s. Instead of hollering at Hanes and Arrow to hurry and put on their shoes and jackets and heading out the door…our new routine now revolves around taking the steps to get Echo ready and then heading out the door to our destination.

This new routine includes many to-do’s, including diaper and outfit change (not every time but most of the time because of spit up), feeding, burping, feeding again, burping again haha, another outfit change (due to the burping), another diaper change, and so on. One item we have had on hand with Echo that we didn’t with the boys, is the Braun ThermoScan 5 ear thermometer. We never realized how quick and easy it is to take our baby’s temperature until we got our hands on this thing. We have kind of made it a habit to take her temperature once a day, just to double check and make sure she is where she is supposed to be in terms of body temp. I usually take her temperature as part of the “getting ready for the day” routine and it honestly takes like 5 seconds and is so accurate. I love it! For you expectant moms out there, I would seriously consider adding the Braun ThermoScan 5 ear thermometer to your baby registry! It is a must have and is the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians.

One other part of our new getting ready routine that has slowed it down just a bit is the boys wanting and willingness to help get Echo ready haha! It’s seriously the cutest thing and comes from such a great place in their hearts…but it definitely slows the pace a bit. Arrow especially loves to be my helper and is grabbing me diapers and wipes, giving intermittent hugs and kisses, dropping binkies on the floor, and chatting with his sis. It is so cute and he absolutely loves it, but man it adds some time to process! I must say, even though we might not be the fastest at getting ready now and sometime it’s a true struggle to get out the door, there is nothing better than being a mom! Echo has already brought so much joy into our home and I simply cannot get enough of her snuggles, smiles, hugs, and everything else she does. Life is good, hectic and crazy, but so good. Thanks for following! I love you all!



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