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Hello loves. Holiday season is here and I don’t know about you but when I think of the true magic and spirit of the holidays, I think about kids. Whether it is remembering back to the time when I was a little girl and the wonderful memories I have of holiday seasons gone past, or thinking of them now as a parent and watching my boys eyes light up as we talk of the this special time of year and enjoy the season together. The holiday season really is a time to spend with those we love most, a time to share love with others, to give to others, and to serve others. I love that this is what this time of year is all about…spreading smiles and love to all we can!

This year, as our boys are growing up even more (slow down time please!), we are doing our best to help our little dudes to focus on the joy of giving and not just receiving. We are spending more time with them discussing what cool things or acts of service they can give to others, rather than just talk about what their favorite things might be. It’s tricky because they love to get things to, but it is so awesome to hear them get excited and happy about giving , now matter what it is, to their family and friends! We have partnered with Gymboree this holiday season to celebrate their GIVE HAPPY initiative and kid’s collection, which is all about spreading the love, paying it forward, and sharing smiles! The whole theme of the holiday line is so on point with the meaning of the season and the clothes are awesome too! The boys are all fitted out in the new line from Gymboree. The quality of the new Gymboree clothes are fantastic, and they have so many options from soft knits to colorful styles that there is something for everyone. The quality is on point too. My boys especially loved the fleece jackets, they kept saying how “comfy” and cozy they were. And Hanes clearly loves the beanie haha, he kept it on both inside and outside! Go checkout the new holiday line over at Gymboree and see for yourself what clothes you can snag for your kids or other kiddos that are you may know that are in need! One goal I have is to continue to find ways to help my kids take action in “giving happy” to others, not only during this time of year, but at all times of the year, because we could all use a little more happy and goodness in our lives! Thanks for following, I love you all!


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