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Hey gang. Holiday season is upon us and so is the colder weather!! Here is the thing, I have talked before about how much I love the Fall, and luckily we are still hanging on to a little bit of Fall here in Utah, however it is pretty clear by the temperature changes, that snow and winter are coming soon. Now, I will admit that winter is not necessarily my absolute favorite season (although I love Christmas so much!), but I do love dressing for winter and that’s all that matters right haha?!

Today, I wanted to share more of the good stuff from a brand I have talked about before that I love so much, that brand being Lole. I love, love, love what Lolë is all about and their products are first class in every way. Born in Montreal they have now spread worldwide bringing high quality and fashion-forward activewear and winter-wear for both women and men all over the globe!! Their garments are designed for movement and are designed to move with you while you are on the go! I love the sleek look of their products and the way that each piece is crafted for both style and high-performance. Brod and I are both wearing some of their winter-ready pieces below and let’s just say that we will be wearing them all winter long because of how comfy they are and we both really dig the way the look and feel. I am wearing the Katie jacket, a jacket that is iconic to Lolë and has a removable hood with faux fur lining. I absolutely love this jacket! I am also wearing the Martha Sweater, which is made out of….wait for it…recycled plastic bottles!! How amazing is that?! It is so comfy and every time I put it on, I am amazed that it is actually made from recycled plastic bottles. Brod is wearing the Classon jacket which is the warmest men’s jacket you can find at Lolë. It’s also water repellent and made with Ripstop nylon, which is a type of fabric that is so durable and reliable that the military even uses it in their parachutes! He is also sporting the Carter long sleeve, made with Merino wool, designed to be odor resistant, sweat wicking, and breathable. If you haven’t tried any of Lolë’s pieces, they are a brand that I would highly encourage you to check out!! I have linked our looks below so you can check out details! Also, for those of you that are local to Utah, Lolë has recently opened two new stores here in Utah! They have one in Park City and one in Salt Lake, you can find the address details here. Thanks for following, I love you all, and let’s all take a page out of Lolë’s book with their brand mission that states, “Live Out Loud Every Day!”

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