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So for those of you that follow on my other social platforms, you may have seen some of my posts from a couple weeks ago from time that Brod, Echo, and I spent at Pebble Beach Resorts. Well today, I am so excited to share with you more details from our stay and highlight some of our favorite parts of our trip to Pebble Beach. Let me just start by saying this, our stay at Casa Palmero at Pebble Beach absolutely blew me away!! It was first class in every way possible and it will be a weekend that both Brod and I will have the most fond memories of forever.

So full disclosure, prior to this trip whenever I thought of or heard the name Pebble Beach, all I really thought of was golf- the resort has four gorgeous golf courses including the #1 public course in America. But here is what I didn’t know, Pebble Beach Resorts is about way more than golf. It offers world class accommodations, dining, recreation and spa experiences that are absolutely fantastic! Seriously, I fell in love with this place! As I look at these pictures and think back to our experience a couple of weeks ago I already want to go back. Not only do they have all of these awesome amenities onsite, but Pebble Beach is also a stone’s throw away from places like Big Sur, Monterey, and Carmel…all of which are amazing places to sightsee, shop, and visit.

Ok, so let’s talk accommodations. We stayed at Casa Palmero, which is adjacent to The Spa at Pebble Beach and steps away from the first fairway at Pebble Beach Golf Links. This place is unbelievable. It’s a Mediterranean estate that was converted into a small luxury hotel. The rooms are so comfortable and cozy with fireplaces and huge soaking tubs. The Palmero Suite, which we had the opportunity to stay in, also has a private hot tub and feels like a little piece of Mediterranean heaven. The service was top notch in every way and they really took the time to make sure we were comfortable and taken care of at all times. One of our favorite things to do was to simply walk the grounds of the resort; from the beautiful estate of Casa Palmero to the shops, to The Lodge at Pebble Beach, and back again. Taking a stroll with Brod and baby girl was enjoyable and relaxing in its own way.

Speaking of relaxing, The Spa at Pebble Beach takes it to the next level. Located next to Casa Palmero, it is probably one of the most amazing spas I have ever set foot in. There are tons of treatments to choose from, from unique massages and body scrubs to facials and even a floatation wrap. There’s something for everyone! Between treatments, you can explore The Spa’s wonderful facilities, like the cozy sanctuary room with a fire pit and the Himalayan salt ionization room. I mean come on! What more do you need?! Seriously the place was amazing, and I was able to enjoy a massage, full-body scrub, and this crazy cool gold facial, all of which felt so good and left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. Brod and Echo even joined me for lunch at the Juice Bar which had incredible soup, sandwiches, and smoothies. So if you have a chance to go to Pebble Beach, The Spa is a must, an absolute must!!

Finally, my other favorite part of our trip, the food! We all know that I love food and we had the fortunate opportunity to each eat at many of the restaurants and cafes onsite at the resort. From lunch at Gallery Cafe and The Juice Bar to dinner at Roy’s and The Bench, we took in many of the different types of delicious foods that are featured onsite at Pebble Beach Resorts. Fresh salmon, lemon crab pasta, burgers, peanut butter smoothies, steaks, falafel, hot cocoa, fresh fruits, and pumpkin spice soup are just a few of the many tasty items we grubbed on during our stay. Like I said we love our food haha! And luckily for us, Pebble Beach had plenty of amazing food options to choose from. Not only was the food incredible, but the setting, location, and ambience of each eatery was great too. Our favorite was The Bench which overlooks the 18th green at the Pebble Beach Golf Links, and even though I don’t love golf like Brod does, I had to admit that the 18th hole looked pretty amazing to finish a round of golf on.

All in all, we had such a magnificent time at Pebble Beach. I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! Whether it be for a romantic couples’ getaway, a post-baby refresh and relax like we did, a milestone celebration, girls or guys trip, or a golf getaway…I can promise you that Pebble Beach Resorts will not disappoint. Our experience is one we will never forget and as I mentioned earlier, we are already looking at our calendar to see when we can return! Thanks to all of you for following and I hope this helps you to see Pebble Beach through our eyes!

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