Winter Grey

Hello loves.

Well, it’s winter. Like for real, hard core, gloomy, cold as can be, snow and ice kind of winter. Do I love it? Not so much. I really don’t love it, but you know what I do love. Warm and cute and comfy sweats. I am talking about the grey of winter in a literal sense today, as I share this matching sweat outfit that I love so much! I have become such a fan of monochromatic looks this winter and love finding pieces that are “matchy-matchy.” Some of my matched looks are more on the dressy and formal side and some are like today’s post, more comfy and casual. I have linked the look below, for those wanting to check it out! I hope each of you are having a wonderful week thus far and I promise I will get back on the grind with more frequent posts and sharing here on the blog! I love this space and sharing with you and I am sorry for the little hiatus I took! Sometimes you just need a quick breather you know?! Any who, I love ya’ll and thank you so much for your love an support!


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