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Hello loves. Happy Tuesday!

Coming at you hot today with a classic piece with a unique twist! If you are wondering what I am talking about, well just take a peep at the skirt I am wearing. This citron skirt might as well be called fun, because that’s what it is to me when I put it on. It’s one of those pieces that brings some flare and flash and fun while still being a piece that can be easily paired and worn with any other basic or neutral. As you can see below, I took a tan bodysuit and some matching boots and then threw in this skirt and bam! I’ve got myself a look that I could wear for dayzzz! This yellow gem has launched over at caralorenshop this morning is going quickly already. If you are wanting a skirt that doesn’t look like every other skirt out there and one that fits fantastic, then this is the one you need in your life! We also launched a new sweater today too, so check that out when you get a chance! I want to thank all of you for following, sincerely, it means so much to me and please leave a comment or give me a shout on the other social platforms with questions or feedback you may have. As I have said before, I love learning from you and hearing what you have to say. I continue to try and make this space one that is positive, inspiring, and full of content that is true to me, brands that I love and am trying or currently using, and snippets about my life and thoughts I have on life in general. I love you all and you make the difference to me! I hope each of you have a wonderful Tuesday!



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  1. That does look like a fun skirt! It looks awesome now in the winter but it would also look amazing in the spring and summer with some brighter colours.

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