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So, part of my new year’s goals for 2019 was to do things daily that would help me live a healthier life. I want to do those things that will help put me in a position to feel better, to have more energy, and ultimately to live life more fully than I have before. Working out, eating better, and getting the rest my body needs are all part of my daily routine to help achieve the goal mentioned above. Well, now I have added one more piece to this puzzle of daily health, that being the daily vitamins from Care/of.

With Care/of, they bring the vitamins to you and they do so in a manner that is personalized to your and your needs. How? Well, before they send you your daily vitamins, you take a short/fun quiz answering questions about your diet, lifestyle, and health needs specific to you. I loved this part because it’s sort of like this one on one consult with a nutritionist that is geared towards you and your needs. You then receive a customized vitamin recommendation for you and your lifestyle. For example one of my recommendations was a probiotic blend vitamin to help with my daily digestion, which is perfect because that is definitely something I need help with each day. I love that each daily vitamin pack is built with individual needs in mind.

Also, one of the little details that makes me such a fan of Care/of vitamins are that they come in these little grab and go packs. I am busy with mom stuff, work stuff, wife stuff, friend stuff, personal stuff, and more…so having my daily vitamins all ready to go for me in a little pack each day makes it so easy to take them! Finally, a portion of the sales of Care/of vitamins goes to the Good + Foundation, which is a foundation that provides prenatal vitamins to moms in need. How awesome is that?! I love when companies value giving back and take the action to do so, it draws a sense of loyalty from me. In teaming up with Care/of I have snagged each of you a promo code CARALOREN for 50% off this month only, so click here to take the personalized quiz to get your own personal results!! Thanks for following ya’ll and I hope today’s post can help you move towards whatever your personal health goals are for this year!!


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