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Coming at you with fierceness today in my Under Armour active gear. One of my points of emphasis in my daily workout routine has been and will continue to be weight training. It’s interesting because I used to shy away from weights, worried that they would make me too bulky or bigger looking in the places I didn’t want to look bigger or bulky. Well guess what…I was dead wrong. Lifting weights each and everyday as part of my workout routine has helped to shape and transform my body. Isolating and focusing on different muscles and exercising those muscles via weight training has helped me to see real results. Sometimes staying active and being consistent in your workouts can be hard to do in the winter. I know for me, that winter gloom can, at times, drag me down in terms energy and desire to workout. One of the best ways to combat that, and this is no joke, I am dead serious…is get yourself some new active gear. Snagging the right active wear and gear motivates me want to bust my butt and get in shape to wear it and do so confidently and with pride. This is why I am so excited to be partnering with Under Armour to showcase some of their new active wear pieces with you today. Under Armour creates gear that is equally rooted in comfort and function. Whether it be their sports bras, hoody, ankle-crop leggings or training shoes, Under Armour has the gear you need to be motivated to hit those goals you have. For me it is the goal I have each day of pushing through any plateaus I might have in my weight training. I want to push harder, stretch myself to new reps and new strength. As I do this , I know I will continue to see the transformation in my body that I am looking for. I have linked a bunch of Under Armour pieces below, ones that I love and have had my eye on for some time now! For example, the UA Breathelux Sports Bra is one of my favs because it provides a combination of softness and structure to give you the right fit. You feel like you can move freely in it and yet you are locked in at all the right places. theĀ  Check them out for yourself and take my word for it…if you are needing any motivation to push through barriers in the gym, some new active gear might be the answer!! Happy shopping ya’ll and thanks for following!!


*Thanks to Under Armour for sponsoring this post.

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