Versatile Pieces

Hello loves. Happy Wednesday to each of you! Today’s post features a look that is made up of pieces that can be best described as…yup, you guessed it…versatile! If you read the title of today’s post then you probably already could have guessed that description, but the truth of the matter is, these pieces are, in fact, versatile. From the skirt to the top to the kicks, each of these pieces can be dressed up, dressed down, paired with numerous other pieces, and styled in a variety of ways! Stay tuned because I already know that each of these pieces will be showing up in later posts but paired and styled in a different way. For now though, they are coming at you as one cohesive unit and I gotta say, I love the way this look turned out and is one of those looks that just feels like me! You know the ones I am talking about?…Those looks that give you an extra lil pep in your step, an extra boost of swag and confidence in who you are. Well, that is is this look for me. Details on each piece are linked below, the top happens to be a caralorenshop piece so I am extra stoked on it! Check it out, let me know what ya’ll think and have a wonderful Wednesday!!

top | skirt | sneakers | necklace | handbag | earringsĀ 

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