Awaking my inner yogi

Hey gang.

So I don’t do yoga as often as I would like, but when I do, I do it in the beautiful sunshine at the park. I really do love yoga so much and this year, one of my goals is to incorporate more yoga (and even bikram yoga) into my weekly workout routine. It is such an empowering workout and I feel like when I spend an hour doing yoga, I really work my body and mind in a different way than I do with my other routines. The core strength some of the moves takes is actually astonishing and something that I want to improve this year. My yoga fit for this particular workout is none other than lululemon. As you know, because I have shared about them many times before, lululemon is one of my all-time fav brands when it comes to active wear. You can always depend on the quality and fit of their pieces and they continue to come out with new cuts and styles that are fantastic. I love the not so subtle cutout of this particular top, and their sports bra and leggings continue to be on point. One trait of lululemon’s clothing and brand that stands out to me is this. They don’t come at you with loud or wild and crazy type of patterns (not saying there is anything wrong with loud or wild patterns), rather they keep to more neutral and simple colors/patterns in most of their pieces. And yet, because of how well they fit and move with your body and because of the quality of the garment itself, they give you this unspoken confidence when you were their pieces, and that seems to shine through when you wear it. I love it. I have always worn lululemon and I will always wear them. I have linked the details of my look and some other pieces I am digging from them below! These specific leggings are seriously buttery soft and the perfect fit for an afternoon of sweating it out in the sun! Thanks for following, I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Hey there pretty mama!! I love this post and this gear! I wasn’t sure if you meant ‘awakening’ instead of ‘awaking’ but either way, your blog is one of my faves as a fellow mama xo

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