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Clean. Crisp. Classic. We have been a Nike family since day one. Call it brainwashed, call it habit, call it loyalty, or just call it what it is…we love their stuff, we love their vibe, we love their mantra.

These summer looks are from their Nike white collection and are perfect for both the sunny days and cooler evenings, and I can tell you they will be worn on repeat all summer long! The boys are both wearing what they refer to as their “bubble shoes” (Air Max 270’s) and they were so excited to wear matching shoes with their dad. I went a little more old school with my Air Force One’s and kept it a little more street. What I love about Nike so much is that they have options for everyone, and yet you always know what you are going to get in terms of quality and look. So I will apologize now if you get sick of seeing us in these outfits in advance. From a function standpoint our favorite pieces are most definitely the windbreakers because of their versatility in wearing them for fashion and for function. My boys can wear them at night in the warm, desert of Utah, or they can wear them all day in the foggy rain, like they have been up here in Oregon. Arrow calls it his “swishy” jacket, and both him and Hanes are looking so swaggy in them! Well, if you can’t tell, we are big fans of Nike over here and will continue to be forever. I have linked all the details below, as well as other items that we are digging from Nike so check it out when you get time. Ok, time to get back to the Oregon coast with my fam, thank you so much for following! I love you all!!


my shorts | shoes 

Brody’s jacket | shoes 

Hanes’ jacket | shoes 

Arrow’s shoes 



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