Boost your workout

Help or encourage something to increase or improve.
Uplift. Amplify. Improve.

Who wouldn’t want the above description in the form of a shoe? In particular, an athletic sneaker.
Good news, with the UltraBOOST from adidas, found at Finish Line, you have just that. I love shoes and have tried/sampled many pairs of shoes, and there is no question in my mind, when it comes to working out and running…the UltraBOOST is my go-to, my number one, my favorite. The cushioning and responsiveness is unmatched in my opinion, and the exact fit to my foot is unrivaled. It seems to expand and support my movement with each step or jump or lunge that I take.

The versatility of the shoe is incredible as well. As you can see below in the pictures, whether it be running, lifting, or stretching, the shoes performance is first class. And let’s not forget the visual appeal. I love, love, love the way this shoe looks on my foot. Its crisp, clean, and brings in just the right mix of colors in a classy, but edgy way. To say these shoes might not be leaving my foot any time soon would be speaking absolute truth. If you have never tried the UltraBOOST from Adidas or you have flirted with the idea of trying them…my advice, do it right now. You won’t be disappointed. The function and style of the shoe has been meshed so well and I would say both facets of the shoe continue to improve with each new style that is released. Check them out when you get a chance and put them to the test, I promise you will not be disappointed. I have been wearing UltraBOOST since they first debuted and these will be a staple in my closet year after year! Thank you all for following and I hope you each have a fantastic day!!





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