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Woody. Buzz. Bunny. Duke Kaboom.

Does it get any better than Toy Story? In our family, not really, these little dudes love every single thing about Toy Story…so when we were able to snag them some new toys that were characters from the new Toy Story 4, let’s just say there was some excitement in the VB household. And it wasn’t just Hanes and Arrow that were stoked on our new toys from Walmart, as you can see below, Echo was all about joining in on the fun. Walmart has, as usual, such a great selection of toys for your kiddos, whether you are looking for movie themed toys/characters like the Toy Story ones featured here, or the latest and greatest lego set, Walmart has got you covered in the toy department. One thing we have been focusing on is making sure our dudes “earn” or work for their new toys by assigning them chores and making sure their behavior is in check before they can play with their new toys. I remember as a kid how awesome it was to come home to a new gift or a new toy and the gratitude I felt for being given that, and also the responsibility I felt to make sure I was acting in a way that was deserving of that gift. I want my boys to feel that same way, to be humble and grateful for all that they have and receive, no matter how big or small. It’s not always easy to stick to this and to not want to over spoil your kiddos, Brod and I sometimes are challenged with balancing this because we both love to get our dudes things, we find joy in surprising them with things, but I have noticed as we better balance our giving and the expectation it comes with, the boys have become better receivers of gifts and more humble and appreciative.

Any who, as you can see, the dudes and Echo loved these new Toy Story 4 characters and their imaginations were put to work immediately as they began to play and create their own worlds/versions of how Toy Story should be played out in their mind. Arrow might have had Duke Kaboom attempt over 100 motorcycle jumps in under an hour…the dude was going hard. As I said, we snagged these toys at Walmart and I would definitely suggest looking there for any toy needs you have! Thanks so much for following and for all of your kind words and support. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


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