Dining Room Reveal

Hey gang. It’s here. The day has arrived. I am ready to show you all my dining room, one of my favorite spaces in our new home. I wanted to keep this space light and airy, while having it feel warm and welcoming at the same time. To achieve this my designer, Jill Higley, and I looked for the right mix of pieces and decor that would bring this vibe altogether. The focus of the room, the dining table, was one I knew I needed to have the minute I saw it on kathykuo.com. I love the Seasonal Living concrete tabletop and how it brings an outdoor, earthy vibe inside the house. The wood legs fit right in with the other wood details we have in the room, and I love how bulky yet clean the lines of the table feel. I also found the LoLoi rug and chairs from kathykuo.com and they complemented the table perfectly. I have been and still am a big fan of benches on one side of the dining room table, I think they are great for kids, giving you the extra room when needed. This Hudson light from Lighting Design  and wood beams on the ceiling were thought out from the beginning as part of the design and I absolutely love the way they turned out. It’s those kind of details that complete the room and the vibe natural, earth tone vibe that I was going for. I have been so excited to reveal this first room in our home and I hope you guys like it and are excited to see more!! Below are detailed shots of the dining room, and these photos should give you a good feel for what the room looks and feels like in person. Thank you so much for following, I would love to hear your feedback on the room…likes, dislikes, whatever you want to share! Have a great Tuesday, much love to you all!

P.S. Kathy Kuo is the absolute best and is giving everyone 20% off with code “CARA20”, so don’t miss out!!!

Seasonal Living table | chairs | bench | Loloi rug | Troy light | shelfpot

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  1. I love how natural at airy it is! It’s so beautiful cara! I know everyone keeps asking, but can you please share your flooring? Is it wood? The manufacturer? It’s just so so good. The dinning room is beautiful because it matches so perfectly!

  2. IT’S AMAZING!!! I love the natural accents… you’re right, they’re so inviting yet cool and modern at the same time. It’s so beautiful. I love the shelf too, and the items you chose to display there. Fantastic choices to you and your design team.

  3. Love this whole look, especially the table. Can you tell me how it’s holding up with kids? How do you clean it? I have 5 kids and am looking for something with this look, but easy to clean and maintain. Thank you!

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