Skincare: The Anti-Aging Ingredients Most Recommended by Derm!

Hello loves. Back on the blog and ready to talk skincare with all of ya’ll today. So each and everyday our skin is exposed to different internal and external aggressors we call Exposome factors. These aggressors include stress, fatigue, and pollution, all caused by the environment and the daily grind of life. Combined, these Exposome aggressors account for 80% of skin aging! According to US dermatologists, the most recommended anti-aging ingredients are Vitamin C, Retinol, and Peptides. Knowing this, and knowing how important taking care of my skin is to me personally, I have enlisted a few key products (and have been using these products for quite some time now) that contain these anti-aging dermatologist recommended ingredients from Vichy. These 3 products have made a world of difference in my daily fight against Exposome aggressors, and skin aging.

Here are the products I am referring to:

First, the LiftActiv Vitamin C Serum from Vichy. This high-level, dermatology-grade, anti-aging serum combines 15% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, and has a been a game changer in brightening my skin and keeping it firm. I’ve found that a regular use of it has helped to minimize my fine lines and brings a radiance to my skin that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Seriously, give it ten days of regular use and you will notice a difference. As I said, it’s a game changer.

Second, the product that has given my skin that boost it needs is LiftActiv Retinol┬áTreatment. This baby is the best wrinkle-filler treatment on the market in my opinion and is so easy to use. Layer it under a moisturizer each day or use alone as a nightly treatment and you will start to see the reduced appearance of wrinkles and more plump skin. This Retinol treatment also contains Hyaluronic Acid to also plump the skin while keeping it hydrated. Both LiftActiv Vitamin C Serum and LiftActiv Retinol Treatment can be added to your daily routine seamlessly and are products that produce real results. As I mentioned above, I have been using both of these for a while now and have absolutely loved changes I’ve seen.

Finally, the third product I want to share today is Vichy’s LiftActiv Peptide-C anti-aging moisturizer. I know that is a mouthful, but with the results it has brought to my skin, I will repeat that name all day long. Powered by pure plant Peptides, Vitamin C and Vichy’s Mineralizing Water, this anti-aging moisturizer is focused on building up collagen and supporting your skin to preserve its youthful appearance. After using this for months now, I can say that the results have been real. Day I noticed a visible firmness to my skin that had not been there before. After a month, the wrinkles had diminished in multiple places and after two months, not only was my skin firmer and wrinkles smoother, but the discoloration in my skin had also improved.

Vichy wants you to put their products to the test, to see the results in your skin for yourself. So much so, that I have snagged you all a promo code! Use CARA19 for 20% off and free shipping on of your purchase on

Hopefully this has given you some insight into 2 of my go-to daily products for skincare, I encourage you to try them for yourself! If you’re looking for some additional product recommendations, check out Vichy’s new SkinConsult AI, a tool on Vichy’s site that allows you to submit a selfie and receive a detailed analysis on your skins strengths and priorities as well tailored morning and evening skincare routines to help strengthen skin. Have a great day! Love to all of you.


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