Curly Q with Conair’s new Cordless Auto Curler

Curls, curls, curls. Hey ya’ll, as you know, I love mixing it up when it comes to styling my hair, and one of my go-to styles involves curls. And not just one type of curl, but many types of curls, so when I had the opportunity to partner with Conair to test and feature their Unbound hair curler, I had to say yes! This new cordless (yes I said cordless) hair styling tool might just be the coolest thing out on the market when it comes to curling your hair. And I’m not even kidding. Now, you can now style/curl your hair anywhere….like anywhere.

On top of a mountain, on your commute to work in the subway, riding a bike, making your kids breakfast, walking on a treadmill. Ok those might be exaggerations, but if you really wanted to, you could style your hair using the Unbound auto curler from Conair at any of those locations, because it is cord-free and so easy to use on the go.

I love it for those reasons above, the ease-of-use and ability to use it on the go with no outlet, but I also love it because it actually works when it comes to styling my hair. You can adjust the heat and timer to mix up the type of curls you want. For tighter curls, you select a higher temperature and longer timer setting, and for more loose curls, you select a lower temperature and shorter timer setting. It’s that simple. I have shared/will be sharing a quick tutorial via IG on how I use the Unbound Autocurler and you can see the results from using it as a styling tool in the still images below.

I love the device and recommend it to all. I can picture myself using in the future with my daughter, teaching her how to use it and showing her the simplicity of it. Cordless, easy to use and charge, and mobile…I really don’t know if there is a better everyday curling tool out there. Hope you all enjoy hearing about this new innovation and I know for me, it is a tool that I have added to my everyday styling repertoire that is game changer!!



UNBOUND curler 

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