Getting Cozy for Christmas

Hey gang! I hope this post finds you happy and well! Nothing screams “the holidays are here” quite like a matching set of Christmas pajamas! Seriously though, there is something about getting in your Christmas themed pj’s and cozying up to watch a Christmas movie during the holiday season. It has become a tradition in our family to snag new matching Christmas pajamas that we can all wear throughout the holiday season and this tradition is one the boys especially are taking a huge liking to! They even asked this year if we were going to get new Christmas “jammies”and lucky for them and us, Pottery Barn Kids had just what we were looking for! I love the entire Holiday assortment they have over on¬†and the boys have loved getting to pick out a new set of Christmas pajamas each year. It’s funny, our kids don’t love putting on pajamas during most of the year, but once the holiday season rolls around, its like they cannot go to bed without their new Christmas pj’s on. Call it superstitious or over-zealous, but whatever it is, I hope they don’t grow out of it because seeing them all cozied up in in their matching pajamas each night is one of my favorite things ever! They also loved this Sherpa Santa Reindeer bag, both Arrow and Hanes asked if this was the same size as the “real Santa’s” bag….we told them the real one might be just a bit bigger to fit all the presents in the world in!

So if you’re looking for holiday gifts or pajamas, look no further than Pottery Barn Kids, they have got you and the entire family covered when it comes to Christmas pj’s so check it out here for yourself! Right now, the boys red pajamas are sold out online so be sure to check out your local Pottery Barn Kids stores for them! Happy Holidays to each of you!! Thanks so much for following!

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