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Spring and Summer mean one very certain thing when it comes to my wardrobe. What’s that you say? Dresses and dresses and more dresses. Even in the midst of this crazy quarantine, I still love to put on a comfy, cute, fun, and even sexy dress. I might just be wearing it out to my backyard or for a spin to get groceries right now, but that’s ok, for me…I still love to wear a good summer dress. Featured in today’s post are two of the three dresses that are dropping over at the shop today. They are both very different from one another, and yet I love them both for their own reasons. As you can see, I styled each of them quite distinctly from the other. One is more dressy, more boho, more chic, and the other is more casual, sporty, and fun. As I said, I love them each in their own unique way and will be wearing both of them all summer long. I have linked each of them below so that you can check out details for yourself. I hope each of you are not just enduring, but enjoying life, even amongst these peculiar circumstances. I am so thankful for all of your love, support, kind words, and sweet messages. They mean the world to me, and I hope you know that! I love all of ya’ll and wish each and everyone of you all the best. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


white dress | red dress | platform sandals | sneakers 

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