Holiday Bakers

Hey gang.

For us, when we think of the holidays, or Christmas time, we think this: family. The holidays for the VB’s are all about spending time together, creating new traditions, living out old ones, and just hanging out with one another. I always look forward to this time of year because I know it is a time for me to slow down and really focus on what matters most. This year, we decided we wanted to do a bit of baking for Christmas, and thanks to Walmart, we were able to get all the goodies and assortment of supplies we needed to get some frosted sugar cookies rolling!! The kids seriously loved it! From rolling the dough and cutting the cookies into different holiday shapes, to pulling them out of the oven to frost them…they were loving it! And the best part is, they were loving it doing it together as a family. I feel like we kind of created a new tradition for our little fam, and big thanks to Walmart for having the right selection of home and baking goods to make it easy on us. Happy Holidays to each of you! May you all make new traditions, live out old ones, and most importantly be able to spend time with those you love most!

*Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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