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I don’t know about you, but for me (especially as a mom of 3, about to be 4), time is money! Seriously, I feel like I barely have enough time in the day to get done everything that I need and want to do! So anything that can help to make daily/weekly tasks a little bit easier is something I am definitely interested in looking into! Step in Walmart +….the membership that helps you not only save time, but money. It’s the double threat that gets me, and needless to say, once I started using Walmart +, whether it has been for fresh groceries or other items, it is a habit I am not looking to break any time soon! Next day delivery and two-day delivery has been a game changer. In particular for the groceries that I not only need for the week, but also those random items that I need for last minute new recipes! The fact that I don’t have to get in my car and drive to the store, but can do it all from the convenience of my home is my definition of time being money. And I know some of you might be thinking, how lazy is she? But that’s not it at all, it’s more that being able to shop and take care of these necessity tasks with ease, frees me up to have more time doing those more important things…whether it be time with my fam, working on a new project for work, or both!

For those of you new to Walmart +, below are a few of the benefits that have hit home to me:

  • free and next-day shipping, with no order minimum
  • member pricing on fuel
  • saving time…again and again and again
  • groceries, gadgets, and more all at same fantastic Walmart price points

If you haven’t signed up for Walmart+ yet, it’s pretty simple to do so.  They have a free 15-day trial going right now, and after that, it’s only $12.95 a month or $98 a year! I highly recommend it!!


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